Check out Stogie T and Priddy Ugly’s flow on the latest Freestyle Friday – Watch

Stogie T comes up with another set of flames this Friday and Priddy Ugly was on the line-up.

Since the lockdown kicked off, Stogie T organized the program titled Freestyle Friday, in which he selects music artists to freestyle every Friday.

Stogie T happens to be one of those who ignited the fire in the hip hop industry during thus lockdown.

Watch Stogie and Priddy’s freestyle below:

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Hats off for the trap lords That passed off crack rocks into rap songs And branched off to the back office Warren Buffets The black sort from our soil That hand over mad budgets like Davos black boys that transform Hand over knuckle cash wards Lifelong struggles and handed down crutches Back home Right/wrong you only a judge if you wasn’t black born By law, We second class runner up until ‘94 Rainbows, unicorns, sing in unison for landlords Payloads, uniforms still unusual for my folks Gameshows, cooning it’s all seducing til the mind go Not mine though, I was bleeding on vinyl I was teaching my young boy What to eat and to pass on Wax on wax off, it slaps like karate kid Numbers don’t lie but you fuckers miscalculate I tell the doc DNR do not resuscitate You really wanna be a star You know that’s just gas in space? I was strolling down avenue George V When y’all we still shoveling Shawshank Hopping out the black double RR double parking in Rosebank With a oil tank like the George W war plan Tour vans in Toulouse number two on fans Homeland not too moved, I drew up new floor plans Hell of thing, got elephant skin like new Jordans Wrestling pens, devilish skill, a true horror For lesser men, yet again it’s a new order The revenant torn up Left me for dead in a bear skin by Autumn Revenge is served cold bruh You tweeting ‘bout snakes my belt is a cobra The feats for the race, I Denzel the Oscar The mic’s a prosthetic for the prophetic author Step in the Octagon I am Kool Keith Thornton Who needs problems, teaching kids to read novels That’s one less slave girl for Lupita Nyog’o Gucci the combo, Spitting bars flew me to Oslo A bag for the kids Marsupials on board Joey Crack frame Stogie suited in Tom Form That’s all the way up to the Mark Rubins on Forbes You All gas, I am be mount Vesuvius to your blow torch Archaeology ruins for students to brush off But of course It’s not the same with all you lames I am Martin King you Martin Payne My side’s a 8, a 5’s your main Do I what I want, do what you can That Salvador Dali typa strange I am in the paint, you out the frame You just a man, I am Tarzan ape
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Your favorite rappers best verse, sounds a lot like my adlibs & I ain’t really good at doing adlibs Rap acrobat, rhyme schemes doing back flips No cap, my last 3 projects were a hat trick Classic, one trick ponies get their ass kicked Wifed a bad chick, so I don’t ever gotta ass kiss Good pussy don’t only come from a bad bitch It’s only bitch niggahs on the net thats getting catfished Said she a virgin, but the streets know she’s active Don’t want your girl, not a lot or a tad bit But might hit her up when my girl needs her cat licked Schooling all these rappers & these niggahs get out-classed quick Its priddy clear a lot’a y’all looked trash in your class pic It’s graphic, ‘cause people on these apps made of plastic Mad tricks, abracadabra, I do magic I held a match stick, said a rap & got the match lit There’s greener grass where you water it, keep the grass clipped Walk with your eyes on the snakes, or you get your calve bit Average, your hottest MCs list is tragic & Stogie T’s list, needs 5 of my verses added I grab a rabbit, I stab it to stack on the carrots Snack on the baddest, while you scavenge on the maggots How you talking bout drip, your raps as average as your fabric Don’t compare to no rappers that don’t even own their masters You odd characters, I’m here to even out the actors Just remember that an apple took the Eden out of Adam Giving Eve an outa fathom & a heathen started planning So imagine what would happen if we eat another apple In your top 5, really I should take 4 spots Priddy Ugly, me, myself & I give me more props Tell by the way niggahs rap, they got small cocks Taking shots that you miss, is how you niggahs ball drop Your girl a walk through, niggahs getting touched like door knobs Hit your sore spot, punchlines make your jaw drop Don’t wanna hear no gun chats in your talk paps Your favorite rapper is about as armed as a mall cop I am not alarmed, I could snooze through you orthops’ I’m the type to sit & eat a meal while your corpse rots Telling tall lies, you a short shot Sandaled, you niggahs are the ones that we saw flop Word to Sway, but how you looking for hyenas I’m 9 cheetahs, in wife-beaters, with nice features Mixed….
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